Workflow Support System

Help elderly hospital workers to accomplish their daily tasks and the adaptation to new procedures and methods

Real-time Context Aware Tool

Guiding older worker in their daily tasks to facilitate the adaptation to changeable work environment

Instructors & Employees

Instructors for creating instructions and monitoring employees to guide them in order to benefit from the tools

The LetItFlow Project

The LetItFlow project aims to design and implement a workflow support system to help elderly hospital workers (mainly nurses) to accomplish their daily tasks and to the adaptation to new procedures and methods. The system should enable assistance by means of workers activity monitoring, portable communication tools, alerting services, adapted interaction interfaces or workflow management.


  • The World Health Organization (WHO) [WHO2006] estimates a shortage of almost 4.3 million nurses, physicians and other health human resources worldwide – reported to be the result of decades of underinvestment in health worker education, training, wages, working environment and management. The critical shortage of hospital-based nurses continues in Europe, and is expected to increase acute as the baby boomer generation retires, grows older, and experiences age-related illnesses.
  • One of the problems older adults face at work is the adaptation to a changeable working environment, which comes from many factors: new computer and machine interfaces, new devices, new procedures and workflow, new business line and markets… An incorrect introduction of changes in the working environment can cause an improper assimilation of concepts, and it could cause demotivation and low productivity, especially in older employees. Furthermore, it can lead to user errors, which can put patients at risk.
  • Workflow technology has expanded substantially into the industry over the last year. Companies are embracing this technology as a means to improve operational efficiency, achieve safety goals, and positively influence the quality of their services.